Learning Portal




Full-Stack Development

Learning Portal is a tool for the students to access their curriculum on their long commute with any devices and for instructors to keep track of students progress of the exercises and home work submits. It's build with Ruby on Rails Framework backend API and using Typescript React and hosting with Infrastructure Design Server


Build in Ruby on Rails API and TypeScript React

Basic Pages and Components

Instructors and Students Management

Instructor and Student management page use the same implementation which calling api for listing the members, Adding and removing from the course

Curriculum Managment

Depend on the instrutor teaching methods or the speed of the class, the criculums are flexibly able to amend the struture of the curriculum by simply drag and drop feature which inspored by trello For the responsiveness of interactive,the api calling for chaing position and chapters, we build RX sink and Stream feature for our app.

MarkDown Rendering

Markdown allows to show embed multimedia content and format and styling text. Not only that we could use visual explanation such as graphical images and videos for the students, we use could use "Details" HTML tags as spoiler tags for pop quiz answer in the content.